I think the human species has to go extinct. It is right and deserved.
It will happen.
It is no coincidence that "human being" is not called “human", as  well as other inhabitants of the earth are not called “feline being”, “fish being”, “vegetable being”. The qualities we attribute to ourselves are not factual characteristics, but ideals that can be realized or overturned in their opposite. We are defined only by our choices.
We choose wrong. We are not human, as we would like to be.
Watching us die without doing anything but living in the impotence of an inertia devoted to the crash torments me and makes me feel anger. I want the nature to suffer for us, I want it to weep with me. But nature weeps just because of us and not because it will miss what we have been or could have been.
Sometimes I can find some silence. When I look at the harmony of creatures my planet is not a simple place like any other. My heart has a big nest, which I would have desired to build and care with grace, to protect with ferocity. Yet my nest does not suffer for me.
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