Humans believe to have reached the pinnacle of evolution because of their ability to act beyond survival instincts as both individuals and species. The idea of freedom has made the world a virtuous place where choice offers infinite possibilities. Choice is driven by visions and dreams. To achieve our dreams, we follow widely diverse paths, which often take us onto the most imaginative and daring journeys. We undertake such experiences by highly sophisticated means and our quest is fuelled by a variety of subjective aims, that push our sense of adventure further, making us realize that our boundaries are merely constructs, and, as such, can be always redrawn.

We discover today that we live in a world contrary to human survival; by maintaining this arrangement we are doomed to death. In this precarious scenario, we live powerless and scared. The quest and the need for a bond between dreams and reality seems exceeded and the potency of this relationship compromised. We stand here driven by others, often anesthetized, marred by abuse, profit or self-indulgence.

The Dreamer's Factory is a world where serial or schizophrenic dreamers have been produced, multiplied and, lately, have become useless. This is the 'place' where I grew up, which fed me, moved me, seduced me. In pleasure, confusion and oblivion, it dissolved much of what I needed and what was important to me. Motherhood and my adult nightmares brought it back to me.

I live motherhood as an authentic experience in which I could express and enact the complex bond between instinct and dreams. The love of cells, the trust and the recklessness of life push me to seek new ways to bear or even overcome contrasts otherwise exacerbating and annihilating. Sometimes, a faint sense appears - so important; some others, I feel only to pursue my subconscious beyond logic. Finally, I ‘m afraid that my challenge is yet another illusion and I deeply regret to be an other little factory of dreamers myself, dreamers destined for a just death.

The Dreamers' Factory is a long-term project started about three years ago. The images are mostly about existing situations, not artificial, chosen to tell metaphorical, non-descriptive stories. They are suggestions, exasperations and fantasies, fruit of my interpretation and fears of the world I live in. The project will become a book, where my images will be related to quotes, texts and many kinds of visual content from other medias. The narrative is non linear and multiform.

Here I present a little sample, some work in progress series of my pictures.